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Video Testimonials from Our Clients

Video Testimonials from Our Clients 2018-05-30T12:44:33+00:00

View our client video testimonials:

Peter On How Cryotherapy Helps Him Compete as an Olympic Weight Lifter

Cryotherapy Relieves Hot Flashes due to Menopause

On Rapid Weight Loss Using Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy

On Weight Loss & Pain Relief

On Weight Loss Benefits & Appetite Suppression

On Acute Injury Recovery: Sprains, Tears, Pulls, Breaks, Surgical

On Athletic & Mental/Emotional Benefits

On AutoImmune Disease Benefits & General Wellness

On Sleep Benefits

On Athletic Recovery & Performance

On Cellulite & Weight Loss

On JetLag and Athletic Recovery

On Recovering from Lower Back Injury Using the Acute Injury Recovery Protocol

On Reducing Food Intolerance & Allergy Symptoms

On General Health & Energy Levels

On the Acute Injury Protocol (5 Days: 5 Whole Body + 5 Local Treatments)

On Athletic Benefits & Energy Level

Fat & Cellulite Reduction Study!
We are Looking for 10 Participants

Proven Cellulite & Fat Reduction : $399 (reg. $699)
10 Treatments over 4 Weeks

Average Inches Lost: 2.2
Average Weight Loss: 7lbs
Click for Our Before/After Photos 
 Call Now to Enroll: 908.228.5711
ChillRx Now Offering GainsWave Treatments for Men

Our registered nurses use acoustic sound waves to improve blood flow...relieving erectile dysfunction & enhancing sexual performance

  • Drug Free & Non-Invasive
  • Clinically Proven Results
  • Pain Free
  • $300 Per Treatment--LOWEST PRICE IN NY, NJ or PA!
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Now Available at chill Cryotherapy
We are happy to provide Femiwave for incontinence treatment and for sexual performance enhancement
It really works!!!


Available at ChillRx Cryotherapy908.228.5711

Call 908.228.5711 for more Information
Chill Has the Best Holiday Gifts Under $60!

1st Time Whole Body Cryotherapy: $40
1st Time CryoFacial/Spot Cryotherapy: $25

Full Strength CBD Oil: $40
1 Hour Infrared Sauna + Light Therapy: $36
Fire & Ice Infrared Sauna + Cryo $59

30 Minute Normatec Compression $30

Gift Cards In Any Amount!