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Infrared Sauna – 10 Sessions

Infrared Sauna

Price: $275.00 ($27.50/session)

  • 10 one hour infrared sauna treatments.
  • Treatment entitles client to one hour access to the infrared sauna room; typical infrared sauna treatments are 35 to 40 minutes.
  • Treatments do not expire so buy now and use anytime.
  • Packages can be shared and are transferrable.
  • The ChillRx infrared sauna is full spectrum infrared light in the near, mid and far wavelengths.
  • ChillRx also includes medical grade chromotherapy with every treatment.
  • The ChillRx infrared sauna seats 2 people. Sessions are booked on the hour.
  • Clients may wear a bathing suit in the sauna or can be without clothing.
  • Clients should not wear clothes in the sauna that they will wear after their session—the infrared sauna stimulates detoxification through sweat and your clothes will get wet!
  • ChillRx provides towels and water in the sauna room.
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