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Progeline: The Anti-Aging Peptide for Gorgeous Skin!!

When it comes to combating the appearance of aging skin there is nothing more successful than peptides. In the world of anti-aging, trifluoroacetyl tripeptide 2, Progeline is one of the most potent defenders against the visible signs of aging skin.

Diminishes the appearance of aging skin wrinkles
• Improves sagging jaw line and overall skin
• Gives a complete remodeling effect

The skins appearance, health and vitality are of prime importance in daily life and for social well-being. With advances in the scientific knowledge of peptides, it is no longer only about fighting the signs of aging but the cause of that change.

Progeline is a three (3) amino acids peptide biomimetic of Elafin, an enzyme that regulates the appearance of the skin’s integrity and matrix. Progeline inhibits one of the cases that is responsible for causing some of the most annoying and unsightly signs of aging skin.

The great news is Progeline* is a powerful peptide having the ability to help rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and reducing the look of wrinkles. Diminishing one of the most common trouble spots skin slackness and sagging of not just the face but the lower face around the jawline and neck over time, 28 to 56 days with morning and nightly regimen.

There are many anti-aging ingredients out there that promise to make your skin look younger. Chill Cryotherapy has done extensive research on  drug- & surgery-free anti-aging solutions. Our progeline serum contains the most potent anti-aging peptides, bio-actives and non-active ingredients with the most essential skin nutritional elements  to give you the  strongest &  most beautiful results.

*Test conducted by the manufacturer of our Progeline had an overall satisfaction score of 92%. Consumers agree that it helps the skin look firmer, fuller and denser”!!!!

We highly recommend Chill Progeline serum in conjunction with ChillSkin & Microneedling treatments. Your results will be enhanced and your  skin will continue to improve in tone, texture &  elasticity!!