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Whole Body Cryotherapy and Standardized Testing

Educators agree–there is a formula for successful test-taking. Chill Cryotherapy can help your student achieve higher scores on standardized tests. Here’s how:

  1. Whole body cryotherapy reduces anxiety. Anxiety can cause memory lapses, cloudy thinking and negative thoughts–all of which negatively affect test performance.
  2. Whole body cryotherapy enhances sleep. Healthy sleep is a key ingredient to successful test taking.
  3. Brain fog, memory loss and depression have all been linked to inflammation in the brain. Whole body cryotherapy reduces inflammation in the brain and has been shown to increase mental focus, memory and positive thinking.
  4. Pain is very distracting. Whole body cryotherapy reduces pain from injuries and/or health conditions, creating a distraction-free, comfortable environment for test takers.
  5. Whole body cryotherapy releases endorphins and boosts the metabolism providing more mental and physical energy.

Whole body cryotherapy is an extremely safe, non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive treatment. It has been used in Europe for the past 40 years to treat health conditions and injuries. At Chill Cryotherapy we practice both whole body and localized cryotherapy for clients ages 11 and older. We are currently offering a standardized test student package at a significant discount to provide local students with a mental and physical edge during testing. Please call us at 908-228-5711 for more details. Or send us an email at