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High School Athletes

Cryotherapy Treats + Prevents Injuries in Young Athletes

The above article was published May 2 2016 after the NJSIAA (New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association) announced sweeping recommendations to address prescription drug issues on the state’s high school sports level. The NJSIAA recommends that the first option should be such non-narcotic alternatives as acetaminophen, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, salicylates, and non-medication treatments like cryotherapy and transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation.
Fat Man Woman Zipper

Cryotherapy for Weight Loss: Why it Works

Why is whole body cryotherapy so effective for weight loss? The answer is multi-tiered… During whole body cryotherapy the client is exposed to temperatures in the range of -120 to -145 Celsius. This translates to approximately -200 to -235 Fahrenheit. The process is not painful as the cold air is extremely dry—in the absence of moisture, extreme cold is very tolerable. We characterize it as numbing, as opposed to painful. It’s a very superficial cold—not bone-chilling at all. It’s much more tolerable than a wet, 40 degree day in New Jersey!

Whole Body Cryotherapy: Metabolic + Blood Sugar + Immune Effects

Excellent research below on the effects of different forms of cryotherapy. The beneficial effects of cold exposure as related to the activation of BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue). Metabolic effects which lead to weight loss. Adiponectin, a hormone that is released during cold exposure that breaks down fat and shuttles glucose into muscle (which lowers blood glucose sugar levels). Low levels of adiponectin have been associated with heart disease and Diabetes.
Controlling Cholesterol

Whole Body Cryotherapy: Reduces Bad Cholesterol LDL, Raises Good Cholesterol HDL

Cholesterol frequently gets a bum rap, but it’s necessary for your body to function properly. Your body uses cholesterol to make hormones and vitamin D, and support digestion. Your liver generates enough cholesterol to handle these tasks, but your body doesn’t just get cholesterol from your liver. Cholesterol is also in foods such as meat, dairy, and poultry. If you eat a lot of these foods, your cholesterol levels may become too high.

Cryotherapy: Relief for Sciatica Pain

Starting in the lower part of the back, the sciatic nerve winds downward through the buttocks and further southward into both legs. Most of the time, few people are aware of the nerve’s existence. However, when common irritants like a bone spur or a disk that has herniated become apparent, sciatic pain can be incredibly severe and can lead to other problems like inflammation and even numbness. Most of the time, only one leg is affected with symptoms, and these can include lower and upper leg pain and some numbness, with occasional cases of severe pain that impacts daily activities.

Whole Body Cryotherapy for Weight Loss

Summer bodies are made in the winter, however many of us feel doomed when it comes to not only losing weight naturally in the winter, but also keeping from gaining weight in the winter. Every year, many of us make the New Years’ resolution that this will be the year that they lose weight...and often, by the end of the month, that resolution has gone out the window and we fail to follow the tips for losing weight naturally, even though some of them may seem pretty straight-forward.

Cryotherapy: Prevention for Migraines

Technically, migraine is a disease while headache is a symptom. Migraine pain is caused by vasodilation in the cranial blood vessels (expansion of the blood vessels). In contrast, headache pain is caused by vasoconstriction (narrowing of the blood vessels).
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