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Announcing ChillSkin Anti-Aging and Tightening Treatment!!!

ChillSkin treatments utilize the Pagani Cryo T-Shock device to restore youthful vibrancy and tone to the skin on the face and body!! The device alternates hot and cold temperature to stimulate intensive new growth of collagen and elastin while improve lymphatic and blood flow in the skin.

Skin is instantly tighter, firmer, and radiant--results will continue to improve over 2 to 4 weeks after treatment!!  Most clients have visible improvement after just one treatment!!

ChillSkin improves skin quality and health everywhere!

  • Face - lose wrinkles, tighten jowls, lines above lips and crow's feet
  • Neck - tightens and firms the neck
  • Chest - get rid of wrinkles in between breasts and tighten chest
  • Arms - get rid of saggy skin, especially elbows
  • Legs (especially knees)

Treatments are 30 minutes and are pain-free! Most people love the way it feels!!


5 for $750 ($150 each)

10 for $1250 ($125 each, can be shared)

Face 4 Treatments
Neck Tightening
Neck Tightening
Neck Firming 2 Treatments
Decollette One Treatment