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Chill Cryotherapy - What to Expect

What to expect: The Chill Experience

Initial Consultation:

  • discuss medical history and contraindications
  • check blood pressure
  • discuss client’s concerns and objectives for treatment
  • discuss client’s optimal time and temperature in the cryosauna

Prepare for cryotherapy in the dressing room:

  • men remove all clothing except underwear
  • women may wear a non-underwire bra, underwear or may remove all clothing
  • clients must remove all jewelry or other metal on their body
  • clients must be 100 percent dry: towels + hairdryers are provided
  • put on a Chill robe, socks and clogs

Post Treatment:

  • some clients hop on our exercise bike to accelerate the re-heating process
  • cryotherapy reduces inflammation + activates detoxification. Some clients may experience mild flu-like symptoms 1 – 2 days after treatment. This is a good sign–your body is shedding toxins and inflammation.
  • drink more water than usual to aid the detoxification process
  • enjoy a deep sleep that night, reduced pain, improved mobility and good mood!

The Cryotherapy Room:

  • client enters the cryotherapy machine while robed
  • cryotechnician elevates the floor until client’s head and neck are exposed, allowing for visual and verbal contact with the client at all times
  • client removes robe to maximize skin exposure and benefit
  • cryotechnician sets the cryosauna to discussed temperature (-235F to -270 F) and time (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes)
  • chilled air vapor is evenly misted throughout the cabin and is ventilated through the roof
  • when the session ends, the client re-robes and exits the cryosauna
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