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Cryo T Shock Treatments and Benefits

Cryo T Shock Treatments and Benefits

Cellulite. Everybody has it. No one loves it. We can help you get rid of it.

Cryo T Shock Treatment uses alternating warm and cold temperatures to remove cellulite and fat. The alternating temperatures destroy fat cells. Your body gets rid of those cells through your normal waste system, excreting them in your urine and sweat.

For a while, people have been aware of the positive impact of cold on fat reduction. Cold therapy can break down fat cells. While cellulite and fat cells are not the same thing, reducing fat can reduce the appearance of cellulite. So, people have been using cryotherapy to treat fat for a while. In fact, Cool sculpting has been popular for some time. Now, our ChillSlim system lets people use Cryo T Shock Treatment, harnessing the power of heat and cold.

The alternating hot and cold therapies boost the impact of the cold therapy. They induce a state of thermal shock. This shock is what kills the fat cells. However, thermal shock does more than just kill fat. It also increases collagen production and blood flow. The result is smoother looking skin with increased elasticity.

Other benefits from Cryo T Shock include

  • Fat loss
  • Younger looking
  • Temporary look of a face lift
  • Treatment of Rosacea
  • Treatment of acne
  • Firmer skin
  • Tighter skin
  • Reduced bloating
  • Reduced water retention
  • Increased circulation
  • Relief from constipation
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Muscle relaxation

For most people, the Cryo T Shock treatments feel luxurious. It uses massage techniques to provide thermal therapy. Relax while you are pampered. If you are sensitive to temperature changes, you may feel some discomfort. So, let us know whether you have ever had any negative effects from any type of cryotherapy.

Cryo T Shock feels different from cool sculpting. Cool sculpting uses a vacuum technology that can create some uncomfortable sensations like pulling, itching, and cramping. For Cryo T therapy, there is no vacuum component. Instead, we use a wand to heat and cool areas to preset temperatures. Our professionals monitor the procedure to ensure that there is no tissue damage to different areas.

We also use Cryo T Shock treatment in our ChillSkin treatments. Chillskin is a facial treatment, which is designed to help tighten and firm up your facial skin. It also increases collagen production. The result is a red-carpet facial that provides the look of a temporary facelift.

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