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health, fitness + beauty

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Whole Body Cryotherapy

3 minutes to optimal health, fitness + beauty

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“I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Chill Cryotherapy. From the welcoming staff to the state-of-the-art machinery, I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve spent at the facility.

Each cryotherapy session is a wonderful experience. The rush of happiness and accomplishment I feel after each session is wonderful. Since I’ve begun my sessions, I’ve felt happier, my metabolism has improved and my chronic ankle pain has disappeared. I feel like a better version of myself.

I understand that cryotherapy may sound intimidating at first, but I encourage everyone to give it a try. The treatment only takes three minutes, but the benefits last much longer.”

Stacy L., Zumba Instructor - 13 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions
“The beneficial effects of cryotherapy are immediate and lasting. I love the endorphin rush and feel that my mood is elevated for days. I feel so energized after cryo, like I am ready to face the day and conquer any obstacles that come my way. Since starting cryotherapy I have experienced deeper sleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed and rested. I was suffering from sore muscles and knee pain from strength training and running and have found that with regular cryo sessions, my pain has completely subsided. I feel confident that I have a new wellness ritual that is giving my body systemic benefits that will lead to better overall health! I have also lost weight and inches! I am totally hooked!”
Danielle M., Runner, mom, vocal performer - 14 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions
“I’m a zumba instructor and the constant pivoting and impact of the routines is really hard on my knees. I have been suffering for years with knee pain. I decided to try local cryotherapy on my knees. I no longer have any pain in my knees!!! The first time I tried it, the pain-free interval lasted a few days. After 5 sessions, the pain-free interval is at least a week, usually longer. I intend to keep treating my knees with cryotherapy until the pain is permanently gone. At this rate, it will be soon! I cannot recommend Chill Cryotherapy enough!! The local cryotherapy treatment has truly helped me to continue to do what I love without pain!

I have also been getting CryoFacial treatments. I noticed results after a single treatment—less puffiness, smoother skin, less blemishes and discoloration and lots and lots of firming! I look 5 years younger! I have a healthy glow 7 days a week from a once weekly facial. You cannot beat these results!!”

Sabina S., Zumba Instructor and super-mom to 3 kids! - 2 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions, 6 Local Cryotherapy Sessions
“Chill Cryotherapy is not only beneficial for weight loss, but also for injuries. As a performer, I have had a fair share of injuries, recently tendonitis, and chill cryotherapy help relieve the pain and heal faster. I also lost weight in a matter of two weeks, so much so that when I went to my final dress fitting, my seamstress noticed right away I lost weight and had to do more alterations. Anytime anyone is in the Westfield, definitely stop by for a quick session for Julie and the rest of her amazing, friendly staff and get your “chill” on.”
Carolyn W., Fitness Instructor and Dancer - 5 Whole Body Cryotherapy Sessions
Pretty sure it was the Chill Cryotherapy that help shed the last layer….I’m hooked!
Jacob M. , Model, Marine, Health + Nutrition Expert
Was having a hard time making a big life decision…came in to Chill Cryotherapy for whole body and the next day, the decision was suddenly so obvious and easy to make. Thank you Chill for the focus, clarity and pain-free lower back!!!
Joe M age 39
My plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlos Burnett, recommended that I get a Chill Cryotherapy CryoFacial after receiving botox in order to prevent bruising, swelling and pain. The results are incredible–one day after injections my face looks and feels amazing! No bruising, swelling or pain. Thank you Chill Cryotherapy!I
Liz M., Age 49
had to let you know – my son swam a personal best tonight after his visit today between prelims and finals. THANK YOU! we are hooked and will definitely be back! Julie is wonderful!
Ann C, Mom to 13 year old swimmer
I have been living with ulcerative colitis for nearly 20 years—about 10 years ago I was also diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I tried Humira and developed anti-bodies to the drug—since I have not seen any real “results” using medications I decided to go “alternative”. I had a recent flare-up from Crohn’s and tried whole body cryotherapy at Chill. I am feeling amazing—my inflammation is significantly lower (something I never experienced while on meds) and I am feeling GREAT! I would recommend anyone with ulcerative colitis, IBS or Crohn’s to come try Chill Cryotherapy to help manage their symptoms
Elizabeth S. Age 52
Read Nicholas S.‘s review of Chill Cryotherapy on Yelp
Nicholas S.
“I have been going to Chill Cryotheraphy since June. I have lower back & knee joint pain. Since going to Cryo I’m pain free . The facility is clean Julie the owner is awesome ! Vic & Josie are helpful & knowledgeable.They make you feel so comfortable. Chill Cryo is the best.”
Marianna M.
Chill is a very clean and we’ll run facility. I find the team to be extremely accommodating and their equipment is top notch. As a distance runner in my 40s, I am living proof that cryotherapy reduces soreness and inflammation!
Mike C.
Chill Cryotherapy in WestField is “Awesome”. Great Staff and the treatments really work to help recovery! I will continue to use the service and the best they improved the center with the addition of the Sanua! Cant say enough about the treatments, but they really work! A must have
Eric H.--Age 44

About Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is an innovative and safe 3 minute treatment that has been used for over 40 years in Europe to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation and pain, boost metabolism and weight loss and to reverse the signs of aging. Cryotherapy offers fitness, wellness and beauty benefits to individuals striving to feel, look and be better every day.

At Chill Cryotherapy client safety, comfort and benefit is our top priority. Our cryotechnicians are trained to maintain visual and verbal contact with clients at all time and our cryosauna is the  industry leader for safety and consistency. Sessions never exceed 3 minutes and our Juka cryosauna is equipped with an integrated oxygen sensor to ensure client health and safety.

We also offer customized protocols for your specific health and wellness concerns. Learn more or contact us at 908-228-5711 or by email at for more information. Book Your Appointment Online

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