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Fire & Ice: Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy Makes You Look & Feel Amazing! Here’s Why!

Fire & Ice at ChillRx does more than just help our clients look and feel amazing!! It actually improves immunity, reduces pain & inflammation, detoxifies and helps with weight loss!!


Fire & Ice at ChillRx is a carefully choreographed sequence of infrared sauna and whole body cryotherapy. Infrared sauna must precede the whole body cryotherapy….and here is why!


The Fire element for Chill Fire & Ice is a 35 to 50 minute full-spectrum infrared sauna session. The Chill infrared sauna produces near-, mid- and far-infrared light—imparting the maximum number of benefits for our clients!! Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas…. Our infrared sauna directly heats body tissue—so the ambient temperature inside the sauna is not stiflingly hot! Traditional saunas first heat the ambient environment and then indirectly raises body temperature.


Many people who do not like traditional saunas prefer an infrared sauna experience because they do not feel stifled by high ambient temperature.


Infrared sauna treatment has many benefits including high-calorie burn (up to 600 calories from a 50 minute treatment), detoxification of fat-soluble toxins like heavy metals and pesticides and improved blood circulation. Infrared light causes blood vessels to dilate throughout the body, improving blood circulation and allowing toxins to escape from fat and other tissue.


Now for the ICE! Once the client has dried off (infrared saunas cause a “fat sweat” as opposed to a “water sweat”) it’s time for a 3 minute whole body cryotherapy. The vasodilation caused by the infrared sauna sessions is immediately shut down by the cold. Blood vessels constrict, flushing out trapped inflammation and toxins. Skin cells also immediately vasoconstricts, cleaning and shrinking pores. The effects of Fire & Ice are both physical, cosmetic and mental/emotional—our clients literally feel like every cell in their body has been rejuvenated, cleaned and revived!!


Why is Fire and Ice so effective at making our clients look and feel amazing? It turns out that heating the body prior to cold exposure either through an infrared sauna or exercise enhances the positive effects of whole body cryotherapy.


New research shows that heating the body prior to cold exposure increases the cold-related release of norepinephrine (one of the body’s “wonder” hormones  and neurotransmitters!). As a result, Fire & Ice doubles the immune-enhancing, pain-reducing, and mental/cognitive improving effects of cryotherapy!


You can check out the research here:


Bottom line is that Fire & Ice gives our clients a mental, cognitive, immune, physical and cosmetic boost due to increased norepinephrine release, inflammation reduction, pain-relief and detoxification!! We are pretty sure that you cannot argue with that!!


Fire and Ice is available at all ChillRx franchise locations. Prices range from $59 to $68 for a single Fire & Ice treatment. That’s a lot of value for a pretty small price J

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