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Better Sleep with Cryotherapy

Better Sleep with Cryotherapy

Sleep. One of the things we all share in common, and usually one of the things we all never seem to get enough of. Maybe you are just so busy that you forget to sleep, it happens. Or, maybe you just have a mind that, even when it’s bedtime, is firing at a thousand thoughts a minute. Or, maybe even after all the darkened windows, white noise machines, and cozy comforters you just can’t seem to find better sleep.

Cryotherapy Calls

Cryotherapy has the ability to possibly assist in helping one sleep. One study was conducted by Schaal et al. in 2015 regarding daily whole-body cryotherapy to improve sleep. The study focused on improving Olympic athletes’ tolerance to their training by doing a whole-body cryotherapy session after their training sessions. These athletes were exposed to 3 minutes of cryogenically chilled air at -110 degrees Celsius. For these Olympic athletes, it appears that those who were randomly assigned to whole-body cryotherapy sessions found better sleep by increasing their sleep duration and limiting sleep latency that may have been conditioned by post-exercise bodily reactions.

But that’s not the only study that found evidence of better sleep due to whole-body cryotherapy. There was once a whole-body cryotherapy study on twenty-seven basketball players who were exposed for 3 minutes each day to temperatures as low as -130 degrees Celsius. Note that 3 minutes was the same amount of time spent by the Olympic athletes mentioned previously. Due to this, the basketball players improved their quality of sleep by 15% and their moods and states of relaxation.

Another study conducted by Dr. Tom Ingegno in 2019 found similar results in cryotherapy treatment. The study conducted cryotherapy treatment after training for athletes in the evening. These athletes experienced better sleep quality. Dr. Ingegno also stated that “Many cryotherapy patients report a great night of sleep the evening after cryotherapy. It is a pleasant surprise for many first-timers.” He also believes that it can improve your mental health.

All three of these studies exhibit the same findings that cryotherapy helps you get better sleep, but, whether it is due to improved sleep or other physiological functions, it also improves your mood and relaxation.

Interested in Getting Better Sleep?

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