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Now Available at ChillRx Cryotherapy!

Acoustic sound waves are applied directly to the anterior vaginal wall, which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles. Rejuvenated tissue is better able to support the bladder (and uterus and colon) leading to improvements in urinary incontinence and feelings of urinary urgency.

We also apply acoustic sound waves to external areas that surround the vagina and contribute to sexual performance. Sexual performance side effects include increased sensation, increased lubrication and enhanced orgasms.

FemiWave treatments at ChillRx take about 25 minutes and are non-invasive, laser and drug-free. The treatments are also painless because we apply a numbing cream 30 minutes prior to treatment.

ChillRx currently offers FemiWave treatments for women for $199. Please call to schedule and for more information: 908-228-5711