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Controlling Cholesterol

Controlling Cholesterol

Many people know that cryotherapy can be useful in helping control weight. However, did you know that cryotherapy can also help you lower your bad cholesterol and boost your good cholesterol? These benefits can help you improve your heart health, lowering your risk of heart disease and stroke.

While some people look at overall cholesterol levels, there are two types of cholesterol in your body. HDL or high-density lipoprotein is often known as “good cholesterol.” LDL or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is often known as “bad cholesterol”. LDL transports cholesterol to your arteries, where it can build up. The buildup of cholesterol can lead to blood clots that contribute to heart attack or stroke. HDL is considered good because it moves cholesterol to your liver, where it can be removed from the body.

While cholesterol poses threats, you need some cholesterol for your body to function. Cholesterol helps your body create hormones and digest food. It is also essential in pregnant women because it contributes to brain development in infants.

High levels of LDL are often linked to lifestyle. Eating a diet high in saturated fats, trans fats, and processed food increases your risk. So does the lack of exercise. Being overweight increases your risk of high LDL, especially if you have a large waist circumference. Smoking does not increase your LDL but is linked to lower levels of HDL.

If you have high cholesterol levels, your doctor may recommend a variety of interventions, including lifestyle change and medication, to help get them under control. One lifestyle change you can incorporate is cryotherapy. When done in a series of 10 or more treatments, cryotherapy is shown to decrease LDL and increase HDL. With consistent use and supported by lifestyle changes, you may be able to control cholesterol with cryo as a tool to get off of cholesterol medication. Of course, you should not stop your cholesterol medication without speaking with your doctor. Let your doctor know that you are including cryotherapy as part of your cholesterol control regime, so they can monitor cholesterol levels and let you know when and if you can stop cholesterol medication.

Improving cholesterol is only one of the benefits of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy can also boost your mental and physical energy, improve your mood, help you get better sleep, and even contribute to weight loss. Call or visit our facility to find out more about what cryotherapy can do for you.

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