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Summer Fitness Trends

2022 Summer Fitness Trends

At ChillRX Cryotherapy, we are big believers in fitness. Many people are inspired to take fitness seriously in the summer. While we think that every body is a beach body, if summer is what is inspires you to get fitter, we are happy to support it. Here are some of the fitness trends we love for summer 2022.

Floor Drumming Workouts

This summer fitness trend, which sees to trace its roots to innovative PE teachers in public schools, involves drumming as cardio. You can do it at home or in class groups. All you need is a set of drumsticks. You can use them on floors, on exercise balls, or on their own. With a great playlist, you can get a real cardio workout without the boredom. Plus, you will get some amazing guns.

Cross Fit

If you are looking for an intense workout, Cross Fit may be for you. Sure, we have all heard of the Cross Fit program. They combine functional movements from a variety of different disciplines. If you like working out with people in a supportive and competitive environment, Cross Fit may be for you. However, Cross Fit injuries are fairly common, so be realistic about your abilities and ramp up slowly.

Power Yoga

Yoga has decades of popularity. It is known to increase flexibility, stamina, strength, and improve core strength. Yoga is also known as a way to reduce stress. Power yoga is a more intensive form of yoga that may have greater cardiac benefits.


Like power yoga, yoxing builds on the timeless appeal of yoga. Combining it with boxing, a sport known for its intense short-burst of cardio, yoxing sculpts while burning calories.


Electro-Muscle Stimulation (EMS) involves passing an electrical current through your muscles. This activates more muscles than you can through exercise in voluntary movements. It can be more effective than weight lifting for building muscles and strengthening your core.


Whether you are trying cryotherapy for metabolism-boosting and weight loss or using it for recovery, it is a great companion to a new fitness routine. Cryotherapy lowers your body temperature for a short period of time, activating brown fat, and burning white fat. It can improve your blood circulation, help with muscle tone, improve your sleep, and boost energy levels.

At ChillRX, we are committed to helping people live their healthiest lives. Cryotherapy can enhance the results of your workouts and help with recovery. Contact us to find out how we can help you reach your goals.

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